Sermon Series: Gospel of Mark

Three days after his death, Jesus is alive. What did the resurrection accomplish? What are the theological impacts? More importantly, what are the practical ones?

A few days away from the celebration of His birth, we take a morning to look at the death of that baby born in that manger. Things in Jerusalem go according to plan, but that doesn't mean things go well...

Jesus is tried and convicted. But who's really on trial? Who's really convicted?

Jesus' betrayal and arrest is the beginning of the end of His earthly ministry. For his closest followers, their darkest times are just beginning. What can we learn from these men, what hope can we draw from their action, or inaction?

Many of us want to "Follow God" but what does that look like? What is faithfulness for me? How can I know what God wants of me?

Mark gives us two pictures side-by-side. One of remembrance, and one of forgetfulness. What can we learn from the institution of the Lord's Supper and from Peter's insistence that he will not abandon Jesus even if everyone else does?

Whatever happened to Judas? We know what happened to Judas, he betrayed Jesus and then he killed himself. What about after that? Where is Judas now? We can only speculate, but, what can we learn about God from the options?

In the 13th chapter of Mark's Gospel, Jesus talk about the end of this age. Christians like to talk about the end of this age too, a lot. What if Jesus didn't want to give us details to dissect? What if he wanted to give us a vision, a reason to go out into the world and join him on his mission?