What does wisdom look like? More importantly, where does it come from? This week, we learn the answer to both questions and also why wisdom isn't just for sages in ivory towers.

The tongue is tiny, but mighty. It can build up and it can tear down. James encourages us to use our tongues in one way: to bless the Lord and produce fruit.

The book of James is an occasionally contentious book. There is perhaps no more contentious a section than chapter 2:14-26. Many people think that James' views on faith and works are at odds with Paul's. But what if they're not?

James tells his listeners not to pay more attention to a well-dressed man than a poorly dressed one. We might believe we don't play favourites, but what if James is talking more about our hearts than our actions?

Reading your Bible is important. Scripture is God's self-revelation to me and to you. This week, James makes the case that while reading the Bible is important, doing what it says is more important.

Years after his resurrection and ascension, Jesus' little half-brother James writes a letter to believers about how to live a mature life. Step one is joy in suffering, wisdom and perseverance.